The Blade Cue is the brainchild of World Snooker coach and former professional Gary Filtness and Northern Ireland Cuemaker Martin Daly from Tyrone Cues.
The idea was to develop a cue that helps explains the following,

  1. The correct way to approach the table. 
  2. Keep everything in line.
  3. Sighting the cue ball and object ball.
  4. Develop a smooth cue action that stays on line.
  5. To encourage a follow through on every shot. 
  6. To show a player if they move or twist when the shot is complete.
  7. To explain when coaching the benefits of a straight cue action.
  8. To encourage and teach junior players.
  9. Simplify the mechanics of a good cue action.
  10. And the list is endless as the cue became a reality.